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Have Baseball Games Became Too Expensive to Be a Family Event?

Ticket prices are rising almost annually, as long as the team isn’t a disaster. The Pirates ticket prices held steady for very long, but it is obvious as to why that happened. There were increases put in place for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 season. Despite those increases, there are still reasonably priced tickets to be had at PNC Park. At other stadiums that is  not necessarily the case. For instance…

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What Opening Day Ballpark Food Are You Excited to Devour?

There’s nothing like baseball park food. I’d say a large percentage of people that go to the game care more about the food and beer that is served than the actual game. I am certainly not a part of that contingency, but I love the fatty treats at the ballpark. I live in Pittsburgh, an area very well known for their fattening culinary creations. If you’ve been here then you…

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Cervelli Open to an Extension

Francisco Cervelli has said he would be open to an extension from the Pittsburgh Pirates. He said it would need to be in the range of 3 years/39 million. When you look at last season that seems like a pretty reasonable request. It’s important to take a closer look at this request. Sure, Cervelli had a strong year last year. His pitch framing is very strong. He threw out baserunners…

Pirates 2016 Uniforms

Sneak Peek at Pirates New Uniforms

The Pirates equipment manager tweeted pics of a snapshot he took of the arrival of new Pirates uniforms coming for next season. Soon after he tweeted it, he deleted. Unfortunately for him, the damage was done and. Never forget, the Internet is fast. So what do you think of the Pirates 2016 uniforms?


Pirates First Baseman in 2016

The Pirates have an interesting situation going into who their first baseman will be. There are a few different internal options and there are always veteran first basemen floating around in free agency. Pedro Alvarez – 2015: .243 BA .318 OBP .469 SLG 27 HR 77 RBI. Pedro finished strong. Offensively this was one of his top offensive seasons, easily in his top 3. After 2014, the Pirates were hopeful a…


Daily Pirates Press – July 5, 2015

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